EXPERIENCE: We have been in the business for 2 years (since 2016) and hence know exactly what our customers want.

SATISFIED CUSTOMERS : One of the biggest reasons why we have been so successful is that most of our customers come back to us.

COMPETITIVE PRICING : WE DO NOT CLAIM TO BE THE CHEAPEST!! We are aware that you may find prices lower than us on the internet. However, please keep in mind that some of these online companies are running from a garage and most do not have the stock and range like us.

We have had customers telling us that they received damaged goods,fake brands and improper sizes buying online & found a hell of experience dealing with online stores. On the other hand, we stock products across multiple ranges and brands. We are a brick and mortar business where you can come and ‘feel’ the products,choose them as per your liking and shop with us.

With experienced staffs and a wide range of products,the comfort level with us will be more than what you perceive.

IN-HOUSE REPAIRS : We have an in-house repairs division where we repair most of the products including cricket bat and rockets,

WARRANTY : Sports goods are generally not covered under any type of warranty in the industry due to it’s handling & nature of the game .

However in case if you find that the quality of a product that you buy from us is not up to the mark,we will have them connected with the respective manufacturer for their consideration & will do our part to service you.

Depending on the nature of defect,it may be repaired or replaced .